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Hello readers,

Tropical Storm Irene is over and Ash and I came out of it relatively well, with just a few downed branches.  Everyone we know is safe and sound, and that is the important part (though my prayers go out to the families that did lose loved ones).

Today’s post will be very quick, as things are in disaster recovery mode here at Old Stuff, Inc., which coincides with tax credit submissions this time around, so things are hectic here to say the least!  I wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on Vermont.  Vermont suffered worse than any other New England state due to extreme flooding from the storm, and there are some towns that are still underwater, or cut off from everything because of damaged roads and bridges!

They also lost one historic covered bridge (the Bartonsville bridge was swept away by the Williams River) and the Quechee bridge  is barely hanging, on as you can see below:

I’d like to give a quick shout out to blogger (Kaitlin) at Preservation in Pink and many of my Preservation School classmates up there who are based out of Vermont. I was glad to hear that everyone was safe, but I know they have a lot of dehumidifying to do and river sludge to clean up.  Good luck with the long recovery process, you guys! You’re in my thoughts.  I’d also like to ask any of my readers out there to give a hand to the good people of Vermont if they are able.  I know that any kind of support will be well appreciated.

Oh and here is a link to an article on the damage sustained by Vermont’s covered bridges in the Burlington Free Press (where the picture above came from).

Stay dry and be safe, Vermonters and everyone else in states that saw damage from Irene!  If you were lucky to come out unscathed, like Ash and I, please try to help out in any way that you can!



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