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Happy Friday all.

Today’s fantasy takes us to my hometown of Kennebunkport, Maine (well, technically it’s in Kennebunk, but you get the picture) to see the Wedding Cake House. The Wedding Cake House is one of the most photographed homes in the country, and on a recent visit home I played tourist and took some photos to share with you all.

The Wedding Cake House is a brick Federal that was originally built in the 1820s, but got it’s “frosting”  in the 1850s. Local legend has it that Captain Borne, the man who built the house, was a ship captain who left his beautiful new bride to head out to sea “before she could eat her wedding cake”.  So, when he came back, Captain Borne elaborately decorated the house in the “Carpenter Gothic” style to make it up to his wife.  The truth behind the legend is that the house suffered a fire, losing its carriage house, and that during the renovation the well-traveled sea captain fell in love with Gothic Cathedrals and decided to use his woodworking abilities to create his own cathedral resulting in this:

Well I hope you enjoyed a taste of where I grew-up. Though the Wedding Cake House isn’t open for tours, you can pull over to the side of Summer Street and take a look. All of the photos in the post belong to me, but let me know if you’d like to use them .

Have a great weekend!


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